Swimming lessons Ibiza

A fun and meaningful time spent with your child during your stay in Ibiza!

Self-Rescue course:

Children Of The Water teaches babies and young children from 9 months (crawling age) to 6 years, to be alone in the water, without the help of floating devices and life jackets and to save them if they were unexpectedly in the water.

In this course of just 10 days, children learn to control their breathing, to float on their backs and to swim with their faces in the water to a safe place.

The Self Rescue course and/ or regular swimming lessons can be thought tall over the island. Indoor -and outdoor pools, or at the location of the children of the water.

Each lesson lasts 20-30 minutes and all lessons are 1 to 1 with an instructor.


Self-Rescue course, 10 days:

Private lessons at the centre:

– Entire course: € 780,

– for the entire course of 20 lessons – Single lessons: € 39, –


In private pool at your villa:

– € 1750, – for the entire course of 20 lessons

– € 87.50 – single lesson

– Lessons are 20 – 30 minutes and 1 – on – 1 with an instructor


Swim and Play, regular swimming lessons:

– Private lesson at the centre: € 25, – per lesson

– Private pool at the villa: € 70, – per lesson

– Lesson is 30 minutes and 1 – on -1 with an instructor


Languages: Dutch, English or Spanish.

We look forward to meeting you in the water!

Team Children Of The Water

Zoë, Jojo, Veronica


  • Private lesson at own pool € 40, – per class.
  • Private lesson in swimming pool € 30, – per class.
  • Also complete courses possible.
  • Lessons take 15 minutes.


Contact, payment and other arrangements are made directly with the provider. OneVillasIbiza is not responsible for any misunderstanding. We make sure our partners are reliable and deliver quality.

If you fill out the form you will be directly connected to the provider. If you have any questions you can ask them directly to our partner.

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